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Lorton Ltd. was formed in 1990 as export/importer and wholesaler of clothes. Thereafter in 1997 the company invested in German ZSK embroidery machines and started a highly successful production. The president of the company had a vision of offering even more to our customers for productive and successful business, so she purchased sewing machines and along with the embroidery gave her clients high quality sports/uniform hats. Currently, Lorton has seven (67 embroidery heads) of the newest and best, multi-head, multifunctional embroidery machines that the professional market can offer; as well as, a machine for laser cutting of applications, an ultrasound machine for the application of stones, and a attachments for paiety and thread embroidery. As you might imagine, we are equipped to complete any embroidery.

The fact that we work only with new, German ZSK machines allows us to offer superior quality and a large production capacity. For example, Lorton can produce with ease around 20,000 small embroideries which have around 2,000 stitches, per day. Our company thrives to keep up to date with the latest in the embroidery industry. We are the only company in Bulgaria that offers: traditional embroidery, cording, loop, and borer. Also, we are the only ones in the country that has a laser machine for cutting the applications, which allows an impeccable precision and advantage.

Lorton has a complete version of one of the best design / punch software for digitizing and an experienced staff that works around the clock to ensure quality and speedy programs.

We work with the best machines, software, personal and MATERIAL. For us it is very important to offer a superior product on a very competitive price and please our customers.

Lorton works primarily for companies abroad from England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, just to mention few.

Lorton produces sports and uniform hats, too. We are fully equipped to complete the production cycle at our facilities, when you start with the material preparation and cutting to sewing, ironing, and packaging the final product. Our company works with wide array of materials, colors and models. In the unusual case of us not having the model, you might want, we can design and produce it with ease. Lorton has more than 100 machines for sewing and cutting the material, and can produce over 3,000 hats per day depending on the model.

With our state of the art machines, highly qualified personal and capacity capability, Lorton can offer superior quality of production on competitive prices and in timely manner. Therefore, LORTON is a wanted business partner and a leading producer of embroideries and hats in the country.

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